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Telecom & Cybersecurity
Privacy: GDPR & NIS compliancy, DPO as a service
IP, Media & Domain names
Procurement and outsourcing
E-commerce & Internet intermediaries liability

What makes the difference

Demosdos is an atypical and unusual law firm, working online since 2010

Bertrand Vandevelde
Member of the Brussels Bar, Bertrand is an experienced IT/TMT lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry and formerly in the IT sector.

He advices his clients on legal issues on complex IT & Tech contracts, telecommunications, privacy, E-commerce & Internet intermediaries liability, domain names, procurement and outsourcing. He is also assisting companies in their daily business, notably as their DPO.

Bertrand is lecturer at HELB Prigogine, Brussels.
Bertrand is active on LinkedIn
Bertrand is also active on Google My Business
International - Associations
Demosdos is a member of ADIJ, the Internet Society and the American Bar Association.
Enhanced by experience in IT
Legal services are supported by professional experience in IT.
Enhanced by other perspectives
Bertrand is also graduated in molecual biology, philosophy, marketing & management and theology.
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